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Love it. Sound is amazing!!!!

Posted by Joey Savella on July 19, 2016

I originally ordered the 3'' muffler delete but then had it changed to the 3.5'' single wall and boy I am not disappointed...

Exactly what I was looking for

Posted by Pete on Jun 8, 2016

I installed this on my 2016 BRZ. I wanted a deeper tone but not so loud as to annoy the neighbours. So I went with the 5" mufflers and the sound is what I was wanting. It gets loud when you get on it but cruising down the highway it's very quiet with no droning...

Finally. My wrx sounds like a wrx!

Posted by Trey on Feb 20, 2016

I've wanted a wrx for years, and recently finally bought a 2013 premium hatchback. It's amazing in every way, but it was missing that growl that was one of the many things I loved about the wrx's I've seen on the road, and on video. Stock exhaust had to go. This axle back exhaust by Nameless makes my wrx sounds EXACTLY how it should. Couldn't be happier with this purchase. Worth every penny.


Posted by AJ on Jun 15, 2016

Unleashes the boxer rumble! good power. I am satisfied.


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Formula DRIFT 2016 New Jersey: Driven 2 Drift [Ep. 5]

Ever wondered what it takes to drive the wall? This video by SR Toyota summed it up nicely as they go to the pits and talk with Ryan Tuerck and our very own John Hoyenga.

"Wall Speedway is a tough track to master, no matter how skilled of a driver you are. Its 30 degree bank is very steep (make it the steepest of all tracks on the Formula Drift circuit), and making the transition to the infield after that bank can be the biggest challenge to overcome, both from the driver's and crew's perspectives."

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Ryan Tuerck Ken Gushi

FD New Jersey: The Smoke has cleared - SpeedHunters Coverage

Never has a single Formula Drift event caused such a reaction or garnered so much hate on social media than the 2016 New Jersey round a couple of weekends back. While I expected to see some backlash from all the drama of Forrest Wang quitting and then coming back again, I had no idea that it would fundamentally change the sport from here on out. - Speed Hunters

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Pedders Racing Update

The Pedders racing #86 is back home at Motorsports Training Australia with the competition weekend complete, now its time for the students to get to work on post race, and begin preparations for Round 3 of the Australian Production Cars Series at Queensland Raceways 29-31 July

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Show your shine and win up to $1,000

Go check the "show your shine" competition black magic is running that will give you the chance to win up to $1,000 if you win first place.

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