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Easy Install and Mean Sound

Posted by Mark on May 6, 2016

Me and a few friends installed this exhaust in about 25 minutes. Air tools and an exhaust hangar removal tool made it super easy. The exhaust installed easy as well because everything lined up perfect. It looks awesome as well. I got the 4 inch double wall tips with no mufflers. On a cold start it is pretty loud but once it gets to operating temp, the exhaust sounds stock until you start driving. This thing sounds AMAZING. I cannot wait to finish off the entire exhaust and really hear how it sounds.

Rediscovering the BRZ

Posted by Wilson on Mar 2, 2016

After driving 22k miles stock everything, this exhaust adds a new dimension to my daily drive experience. No longer am I cranking on the radio as instead the natural deep tones of my BRZ become my soundtrack...


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Formula Drift Long Beach Event Recap

The first round of Formula Drift Long Beach was full of suspense including a weekend of rain while it was in the 80's and sunny back home in the normally rainy Pacific Northwest. When the rain comes in it can be a real game changer especially when the rain is pounding the streets of Long Beach which rarely ever sees rain so when it does show up it brings up a lot of oil as well.

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Test & Tune day at Pat's Acres Racing Complex

This week's Gumout Quick Bit from Ryan Tuerck's final tune up before the #fdlb Formula D event next week in So. Cal.

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