Nameless Announces Strategic Partnership with Cosworth

Under the new partnership, Cosworth and Nameless Performance will combine their industry leading capabilities to develop high-performance, premier quality exhaust and tuning solutions for delivery to the aftermarket through Cosworth's global distribution network.

"Our partnership with Nameless Performance is a significant strategic move, given the dedication of both companies to technical innovation and engineering excellence," said Mark Holcome, Head of Aftermarket Services for Cosworth. "It is an alliance that will enable us to jointly develop a wide range of best-in-class performance solutions for our customers."

The first product to come from the new alliance is the Cosworth power package for the BRZ / FR-S' FA20 engine. Nameless collaborated with Cosworth to jointly design and engineer the highly advanced solution, which includes a fully tuned stainless steel exhaust system, a bespoke 4 into 2 into 1 exhaust manifold and a high-flow sports CAT. The components operate with half the backpressure of the factory standard exhaust, fitted more easily than a factory replacement and work harmoniously to deliver a 24hp power hike achieved with the Cosworth Stage 1 kit.

"Cosworth and Nameless both understand the importance of continually striving for superior customer satisfaction," said John Hoyenga, president of Nameless Performance Inc. "This partnership will enable our companies to more effectively develop high-performance products that continue to exceed our customers' expectations."

Cosworth and Nameless engineered additional enhancements to the system to make it part of their performance package. The 4 into 2 into 1 manifold has equal length pipes, is made from aircraft quality T304 stainless steel and is available with the option of a ceramic heat proof coating. The exhaust system is made from T304 stainless steel with a 3-inch bore throughout and mandrel bent curves to ensure smooth gas flow through the entire system. Two resonators and additional muffler capacity keep the noise output close to stock with a drive-by level of 90dB (stock 83dB) and 69dB at idle measured 0.5 meters from tailpipe (stock 66dB). A high flow sports CAT keeps emissions legal (in most territories) while keeping the gas flow as free and unhindered as possible.

Over the coming months Cosworth will release additional stages of the FA20 engine program which will achieve additional increases in power. All components from Stage 1 will remain compatible with future tuning stage upgrades and can continue to be used with higher power-output packages.

"We are extremely excited to work with Cosworth. In the initial phases of our discussion with their engineering team, it became evident that we had a great level of parity with the team there. We have nothing but the highest hopes for having this relationship develop and coming up with new solutions for the FA20 market. Having a partner like Cosworth in our corner allows us to pull out all the stops and develop the high end solutions we have contemplated for this and other markets." commented Nameless Performance Engineering Director Jason Griffith, "We are also excited to have such a great opportunity to have this new global outlet for our Subaru product line."

The new strategic partnership appoints Cosworth as a Master Distributor, providing customers with access to Nameless and its existing suite of products through Cosworth's global network of over 200 specialist distributors.


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About Nameless Performance Inc.

Nameless Performance specializes in the research and development of innovative performance exhaust components as well as a variety of performance induction systems and engineered chassis solutions. Nameless Performance is also heavily dedicated to motorsport as the crucible for validation of their designs. Founded in 2010, the company's culture is focused on providing unrivalled quality American manufacturing, as well as cutting edge engineered solutions designed for automotive enthusiasts, by automotive enthusiasts.